Just nak share experience aku pegi klinik recently. The doctor's name is..erm let's call him Dr R. What intrigue me to share pengalaman aku is his view on smthing..we'll get to that later k? But 1st aku nk share some of his tips for me (well bergune utk korg jgk since skang musim demam)

Amalkan kumur2 air garam. After meal, b4 tido or b4 work. Bukan je berkesan utk avoid sakit tekak even nafas berbau. Org skang lg prefer/percaye pakai commercial product mcm Listerine sme tu kan walhal garam tu sndri byk khasiat die according to him (Some Listerine ade 2% alcohol, so bc baek2 kat label b4 beli k?)

Then die ckp tak payah takutlah dgn H1N1 nie. Flu biase je. Same je mcm Australian flu, bird flu, yada yada (aku tak ingat pe lg) Yg penting jage hygiene, make sure udara dlm rumah bersih not polluted, n bykkan berdoa (tu sbnrbye ubat yg plg berkesan die ckp).

Then sambil die tulis ubat ape nk bg pd aku dgn tulisan yg agak mustahil aku faham, dgn suara perlahan die sebut, "takdak apa lah H1N1 nie..it's just /GOD MEANS TO REDUCE THE POPULATION/.."

Wow! (he seems so wise when he said that) Dlm kekalutan aku bace kat paper, aku tgk kat tv, aku dgr kat radio since pandemik ni menular, how public berada dlm keadaan pre-panic, afraid etc, how we were so hyped about controlling the spreading of this flu..1st time aku dgr such a radical, different yet interesting view on H1N1. Somehow it totally change the way i see things now..

The end.

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Aku sure korang dah penah tgk iklan Celcom kat TV promote HTC Magic. dlm iklan tu ade robot kecik comel warne hijau mcm gambar bwh nie. actually tu logo utk Android which i'm sure ramai yg tak tahu sgt psal Android nie mende and ape best die. so ni aku nk cite nie..

1) Mende Android nih?

- sebenarnye adalah Google's mobile device platform. dlm ertikata lain mcm operating system utk handphone (mobile OS) same macam Windows Mobile (O2, PDA la mostly), Symbian (mcm hp Nokia, Sony E) or even (my favs ;D) Apple's iPhone.

- merupakan anak sulung Open Handset Alliance (made up of global mobile and technology industry leaders) ke arah : improved mobile user experience.

2) So ape yg best psal Android nih?

- Andriod best sbb die totally open-source meaning sme source code die open pd public, unlike others (iPhone, Windows Mobile) yg mane strictly confidential utk company dorang shj.

- Developers (mcm aku, weee~) bebas nk develop ape2 applications utk Android using Android's SDK yg bleh download freeeeee!! (Tak mcm Apple yg kne byr USD99 utk join developer program die baru leh download SDK iPhone /sigh/)

3) Mane lg best, App Store (iPhone) or Android Market (Android)?

- Takde beza sgt aku rase. Bezanye cume pade process approval third-party apps je. Or simply put, with no approval required from on high, the way is clear for some truly innovative apps :D

4) Ape contoh application yg ade kat Android Market nih?

- ape yg App Store ade, Android Market pon boleh dikatakan ade jugak (or soon will be, its groooowing by time). tp yg pasti instant access utk sme Google apps, mcm GMail, GTalk, Calendar, Youtube dgn Maps (which iPhone itself use currently).

5) Ape handphone yg bleh ade Android nih?

- handphone 1st dtg dgn Android : T-Mobile G1 oleh HTC (also known as HTC Dream). G1 ade touch screen just like iPhone but with a slide-out QWERTY keypad. Design wise, masih jauhhhhhhh lg perjalanan utk same par dgn iPhone :D (design die more towards 'Google's geeky simplicity', LOL)

- handphone lain yg akan turut serta akan dtg : LG, Motorola, HTC and even ade khabar angin ckp Sony E's Xperia X1 pon akan kluar versi Android..hmm :)- yg jelas ade kat msia skang is spt yg boleh dilihat di iklan celcom kat tv : HTC Magic!

[Note : this particular Android is said to be iPhone's killer in near future. why? because it can do anything iPhone can do..for FREEEEEEE!!]

Sekian, timekasih!


[Note : The tips were from elsewhere but i'll comment each tips below with my own experience]

1. Turn down the screen brightness - mine is set around 25%. and turning off auto-brightness pon berkesan jugak.

2. Adjust your poll time to check for email less frequently. - i use Push for exchange mail, fetch for yahoo mail and gmail. set fetch period to hourly.

3. Turn off the WiFi. - this one is obvious aku rase. the longer u connect to wifi, lagi cepat la abis. handphone mane2 pon same. i seldom use wifi since im on unlimited data plan. hehe!

4. Turn on Auto-Lock for the screen. - mine is set for 1 minutes dan ianya amatttttt berkesan.

5. Turn off the Equalizer. - tried this too but doesnt see that much difference. oh well..try je lah :D

6. Pack more juice. - yg nie blum beli lagi. tgh usha Morphie Juice Pack. survey2 harga dlm RM 300++. maka K.I.V dulu. hehe!

7. Take advantage of the commute time. - dunno about this one. sbb my fren charge his iphone in his car one time and completely brick his iphone :( (this is a risk im sooooo NOT willing to take)

8. Kill the vibrate. - yeah guess so. lagipon vibrate die mcm geli2 je. u can hardly even notice it! set ring volume to MAX!

9. Turn off Bluetooth. - tak penah on pon since bukan bleh buat file transfer pakai bluetooth pon. /sigh/

10. Update the phone often. - yg ni mstilah wajib. i'll constantly update u guys if Apple released any update ( follow me on Twitter ok?) *wink wink*

p/s : Need any help on jailbreaking ur iPhone (or anything about iPhone, seriously), it'll my utmost pleasure to help ;D

Sources : [TestFreak]


[Caution : Some viewers may find graphics below disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised]

P/S : Definitely not for the faintest heart, oh also perempuan mengandung. Proven to disturb someone sleep lately ;D

Gambar ni diambil oleh anak membe kepada membe aku (which is actually my fren too but nevermind). Ketika ini rumahnye dikunjungi oleh saudaranye (the one sitting on the sofa) yg dtg dr jauh (I don't know where actually) pd pukul lebih kurang 11 mlm camtu. Anaknye sibuk main kamera handphone, snap sane snap sini and the moment gmbr ni diambil, anaknye tny kat mummy die, "Ibu, sape baju putih dlm gambar ni??" (omggg!)

Aku rase /lady in white/ tu tgh pandang belakang, tp membe aku ckp lady ni pandang due2 arah which means ade 2 muke (whoa!!) Korang rase???

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