[Note : The tips were from elsewhere but i'll comment each tips below with my own experience]

1. Turn down the screen brightness - mine is set around 25%. and turning off auto-brightness pon berkesan jugak.

2. Adjust your poll time to check for email less frequently. - i use Push for exchange mail, fetch for yahoo mail and gmail. set fetch period to hourly.

3. Turn off the WiFi. - this one is obvious aku rase. the longer u connect to wifi, lagi cepat la abis. handphone mane2 pon same. i seldom use wifi since im on unlimited data plan. hehe!

4. Turn on Auto-Lock for the screen. - mine is set for 1 minutes dan ianya amatttttt berkesan.

5. Turn off the Equalizer. - tried this too but doesnt see that much difference. oh well..try je lah :D

6. Pack more juice. - yg nie blum beli lagi. tgh usha Morphie Juice Pack. survey2 harga dlm RM 300++. maka K.I.V dulu. hehe!

7. Take advantage of the commute time. - dunno about this one. sbb my fren charge his iphone in his car one time and completely brick his iphone :( (this is a risk im sooooo NOT willing to take)

8. Kill the vibrate. - yeah guess so. lagipon vibrate die mcm geli2 je. u can hardly even notice it! set ring volume to MAX!

9. Turn off Bluetooth. - tak penah on pon since bukan bleh buat file transfer pakai bluetooth pon. /sigh/

10. Update the phone often. - yg ni mstilah wajib. i'll constantly update u guys if Apple released any update ( follow me on Twitter ok?) *wink wink*

p/s : Need any help on jailbreaking ur iPhone (or anything about iPhone, seriously), it'll my utmost pleasure to help ;D

Sources : [TestFreak]


BlankQo said...

bluetooth tu utk buat iphone ko jd 3g modem for macbook... xpasti cmna aku tau wpun xde iphone.. haha

ben_ibrahim said...

Yg tu aku tau cume aku tak gune. Bluetooth connection tak consistent bile gune iPhone jd modem (ke sbb aku takde MacBook). Sll gune cable jek. Simple and easy.

siputturbo said...

latest iphone update, 3.0 makan banyak bateri kan? lots of ppl complaining. even myselft pun. skang dh downgrade balik to 2.2.1 je.

ben_ibrahim said...

true2..tu nk try 3GS tuh which they claimed battery consumption utk iPhone dah improved :p

tp klu downgrade, byk features ko rugi bro..berbaloi ke??