Aku sure korang dah penah tgk iklan Celcom kat TV promote HTC Magic. dlm iklan tu ade robot kecik comel warne hijau mcm gambar bwh nie. actually tu logo utk Android which i'm sure ramai yg tak tahu sgt psal Android nie mende and ape best die. so ni aku nk cite nie..

1) Mende Android nih?

- sebenarnye adalah Google's mobile device platform. dlm ertikata lain mcm operating system utk handphone (mobile OS) same macam Windows Mobile (O2, PDA la mostly), Symbian (mcm hp Nokia, Sony E) or even (my favs ;D) Apple's iPhone.

- merupakan anak sulung Open Handset Alliance (made up of global mobile and technology industry leaders) ke arah : improved mobile user experience.

2) So ape yg best psal Android nih?

- Andriod best sbb die totally open-source meaning sme source code die open pd public, unlike others (iPhone, Windows Mobile) yg mane strictly confidential utk company dorang shj.

- Developers (mcm aku, weee~) bebas nk develop ape2 applications utk Android using Android's SDK yg bleh download freeeeee!! (Tak mcm Apple yg kne byr USD99 utk join developer program die baru leh download SDK iPhone /sigh/)

3) Mane lg best, App Store (iPhone) or Android Market (Android)?

- Takde beza sgt aku rase. Bezanye cume pade process approval third-party apps je. Or simply put, with no approval required from on high, the way is clear for some truly innovative apps :D

4) Ape contoh application yg ade kat Android Market nih?

- ape yg App Store ade, Android Market pon boleh dikatakan ade jugak (or soon will be, its groooowing by time). tp yg pasti instant access utk sme Google apps, mcm GMail, GTalk, Calendar, Youtube dgn Maps (which iPhone itself use currently).

5) Ape handphone yg bleh ade Android nih?

- handphone 1st dtg dgn Android : T-Mobile G1 oleh HTC (also known as HTC Dream). G1 ade touch screen just like iPhone but with a slide-out QWERTY keypad. Design wise, masih jauhhhhhhh lg perjalanan utk same par dgn iPhone :D (design die more towards 'Google's geeky simplicity', LOL)

- handphone lain yg akan turut serta akan dtg : LG, Motorola, HTC and even ade khabar angin ckp Sony E's Xperia X1 pon akan kluar versi Android..hmm :)- yg jelas ade kat msia skang is spt yg boleh dilihat di iklan celcom kat tv : HTC Magic!

[Note : this particular Android is said to be iPhone's killer in near future. why? because it can do anything iPhone can do..for FREEEEEEE!!]

Sekian, timekasih!


BlankQo said...

bro, iphone apps develop gne xcode, which is came free with every mac purchase. or leh download freely dr but u still need a mac to develop one. yg bayar tu aku iphone developer program

ben_ibrahim said...

ic..kne sambar MacBook cpt2 ar cmnie :D